Hi Andrea: I hope this finds you doing well. The attorney who is handling the lawsuit Davari vs. Pope, recommended that I put my properties in the name of an LLC, so that if Davari got a judgment against me, he would not be able to take my property. The attorney recommended putting each property in it's own LLC. He suggested PhilipPopeRealty1.LLC, PhilipPopeRealty2. LLC, etc. What do you think of this and would there be yearly taxes and/or reporting on the LLC to the state or federal gov't? I know Mike recommended creating the BAPT.LLC for the Benjamin A Pope Trust, or in connection with the Trust, and I think it requires a separate filing each year, but no taxes, etc. Also in relation this, there are some properties that Benny and I own together. Could my portion of the properties (undivided 50%) be put in an LLC for protection? Because Benny is still in prison, if he wanted to put his interest in an LLC, he could do that after getting paroled. Also, I'm collecting on several Promissory Notes where I am the beneficiary. Should that be put in an LLC? I'm not sure if it needs to be protected like that, but I wouldn't anyone to get a judgment against me and be able to latch on to my interest in the Promissory Note. Thank you for your help. Philip