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"Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others." Philippians 2:4

You Can Reach the World!

Missions booklet by Jim Hanlon.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation

The gospel in many different languages.

CIA Factbook about Thailand

Map and other information about Thailand.

Hark Publications

In 2012, twenty Psalms in Thai were recorded at the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, College of Dramatic and Fine Arts, Bangkok, by the Duriya Tasana musicians. Each Psalms musical arrangement was tailored to match the words in tone, pace, and feeling with Thai classical music. These CDs use verses from the book of Psalms from the Thai KJV Bible

The Audio Power

Audio Power was founded by a Christian couple from Rhode Island, USA. They moved to Thailand in 2009 and have a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok. This factory only makes audio Bibles and it is their mission to provide the Lord Jesus's Word in spoken format to all the countries and all the tongues in the world. This is a big mission, so they appreciate your love, prayers and support !! Their audio Bibles contain the English KJV New Testament and the Thai KJV New Testament.

Bible Preaching

Playing the best bible preaching and bible reading that can be found anywhere. All sermons are from the King James Bible. This website has the Thai KJV New Testament Audio Files.