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Thai language Bible Institute Material Audio Files

These audio files were recorded by Missionary Philip Pope and Pastor Pradit Eksapang.

These files are in mp3 format. Click on the book you want to hear. Some of the files are large and may take a minute or two to download before playing.

If the file does not play, you need to download and install VLC Media Player first. The download is free.

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These files are also available on CD, in MP3 format.

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Thai language Bible Institute Material Audio Files CD

Old Testament Studies

Genesis A  Genesis B  Genesis C  Exodus-Numbers A  Exodus-Numbers B  Deuteronomy  Joshua  Judges A  Judges B  Ruth-1 Samuel 7

United Kingdom A  United Kingdom B  United Kingdom C  United Kingdom D  Divided Kingdom A  Divided Kingdom B  Divided Kingdom C

Ezra  Nehemiah  Esther  Job  Psalms  Proverbs A Proverbs B Ecclesiastes  Song of Solomon

Isaiah A  Isaiah B  Jeremiah A  Jeremiah B  Lamentations  Ezekiel A  Ezekiel B  Ezekiel C  Daniel A Daniel B Daniel C Daniel D Daniel E

Hosea  Joel  Amos  Obadiah  Jonah  Micah  Nahum  Habakkuk Zephaniah  Haggai  Zechariah  Malachi

New Testament Studies

Gospels #1 A  Gospels #1 B  Gospels #2 A  Gospels #2 B  Gospels #3 A  Gospels #3 B  Gospels #4 A  Gospels #4 B  Gospels #5 A  Gospels #5 B  Gospels #6

Acts A  Acts B  Acts C  Acts D  Romans A  Romans B  Romans C  1 Corinthians A  1 Corinthians B  1 Corinthians C  1 Corinthians D

2 Corinthians A  2 Corinthians B  Galatians  Ephesians  Philippians Colossians  1 Thessalonians  2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy  2 Timothy Titus  Philemon  Hebrews A  Hebrews B  Hebrews C  James  1 Peter  2 Peter

1 John  2 John  3 John  Jude  Revelation A Revelation B Revelation C Revelation D Revelation E Revelation F

Doctrinal Studies

God the Father  Man  Satan  The Trinity A The Trinity B