Piano & Organ Hymns CD

List of Hymns

(P) indicates this song was played on the piano
(O) indicates this song was played on the organ

001. (P) There is beauty all around.
002. (P) I am trusting thee, O Lord.
003. (P) I know whom I have believed.
004. (O) Nearer my God to thee.
005. (O) Come Thou almighty King.
006. (O) Holy, Holy, Holy.
007. (P) He lives.
008. (O) Joyful, joyful we adore thee.
009. (P) Come thou fount of every blessing.
010. (O) Amazing grace.
011. (P) Are you washed in the blood?
012. (O) Will there be any stars?
013. (O) Sweet hour of prayer.
014. (O) When we all get to heaven.
015. (P) Take the name of Jesus with you.
016. (O) Standing on the promises.
017. (P) My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.
018. (O) Have thine own way Lord.
019. (O) I need thee every hour.
020. (P) Take my life and let it be.
021. (O) At Calvary.
022. (P) Stand up, stand up for Jesus.
023. (P) The Lily of the valley.
024. (P) Love divine, all loves excelling.
025. (P) To God be the glory.
026. (O) O come all ye faithful.
027. (O) Joy to the world.
028. (O) Silent night, holy night.
029. (O) Faith of our fathers.
030. (P) We've a story to tell.
031. (O) Jesus shall reign.
032. (P) Rescue the perishing.
033. (P) Send the light.
034. (O) It is well with my soul.
035. (P) Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
036. (P) Onward Christian soldiers.
037. (O) O perfect love.
038. (O) What a friend we have in Jesus.
039. (P) Trust and obey.
040. (O) I gave my life for thee.
041. (P) I've found a friend in Jesus.
042. (O) More love to thee, O Lord.
043. (O) How great Thou art.
044. (P) Hark the herald angels sing.
045. (O) There is fountain.
046. (P) Christ the Lord is risen today.
047. (O) Low in the Grave He Lay.
048. (O) Abide with me.
049. (P) God be with you.
050. (O) This is my father's world.
051. (O) Psalm 23
052. (O) Majestic sweetness sits enthroned.
053. (P) Jesus paid it all.
054. (P) Jesus is all the world to me.
055. (P) Nothing But the Blood
056. (O) Near the cross.
057. (O) At the cross.
058. (P) Come to the Savior.

059. (O) Any room for Jesus?
060. (O) Whosoever will.
061. (P) Rock of ages.
062. (P) Draw me nearer.
063. (O) Jesus I come.
064. (P) I hear thy welcome voice.
065. (O) Pass me not.
066. (P) Must I go empty handed.
067. (O) Brightly beams our Father.
068. (P) To the work.
069. (O) Must Jesus bear the cross alone?
070. (O) Savior like a shepherd lead us.
071. (P) All the way.
072. (O) He leadeth me.
073. (P) Trusting Jesus.
074. (O) Savior thy dying love.
075. (P) Be glad in the Lord.
076. (P) Hold the fort.
077. (P) Higher ground.
078. (O) Does Jesus care?
079. (O) The church's one foundation.
080. (P) Jesus saves.
081. (P) Bringing in the Sheaves.
082. (P) In the sweet by and by.
083. (P) Face to face.
084. (O) God will take care of you.
085. (P) All hail the power of Jesus' name.
086. (P) Anywhere with Jesus.
087. (P) Blessed assurance.
088. (P) Bring them in.
089. (O) The comforter has come.
090. (P) There shall be showers of blessing.
091. (P) There is power in the blood.
092. (O) Our God is marching on.
093. (P) Jesus loves me.
094. (P) Count your blessings.
095. (P) When the roll is called.
096. (P) It is glory just to walk with Him.
097. (O) My anchor holds.
098. (P) A shelter in the time of storm.
099. (P) The way of the cross leads home.
100. (O) Jesus the very thought of thee.
101. (O) Blest be the tie that binds.
102. (P) Work for the night is coming.
103. (P) Channels only.
104. (P) O Jesus, Jesus dearest Lord.
105. (P) Tis a burning in my soul.
106. (P) The old rugged cross.
107. (P) Would you live for Jesus?
108. (P) Constantly abiding.
109. (P) To the regions beyond.
110. (P) Lead me to Calvary.
111. (P) I will pass over you.
112. (P) Tis better far to follow Jesus.
113. (P) Lead me Savior.
114. (P) Tell it to Jesus.
115. (P) He is coming again.
116. (O) Wedding Hymn.