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With most of the projects that we have experience with, when there has been a missionary in place, it has averaged only about $1,000 to reach a million people. In Thailand, for example it cost around $35,000 to reach approximately 35 - 40 million people. The costs were as follows:

  • 1. 40,000 John & Romans cost around $30,000 to print and ship. (The Thai John & Romans are about 3 times the size of an English John & Romans, so they cost more than most.)
  • 2. Several ads in the national newspaper that reached 30 million people, cost around $1500.
  • 3. Miscellaneous tracts, postage and copying of correspondence courses were around $3500.
  • As mentioned earlier, it would only take 300, five dollar per month, “Precious Seed Provider”, two years to raise enough to handle a country like Thailand. It all doesn’t have to come in at once either. One ad in the national newspaper only cost $700 in Thailand. The first responses to the ads, could be sent a photocopy of the first chapter or two of John, plus the corresponding courses. If you ad a post office box that would forward mail to the U.S., if there wasn’t a missionary, the total cost to start should be around $1,000.

    Research trips into prospective countries would be paid for by the individuals going. They could use vacation time for the trip, and use some of their frequent flier miles, that many of us have stashed away to pay for the airfare, or just use that vacation money that was saved up. It would be the best vacation trip anyone could take.

    In Matthew 6:20, the Lord tells us, "But lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal."

    As you get larger, and need more scriptures, a printing ministry, such as Bearing Precious Seed can provide scriptures at a very low cost in volume. When an entire country, with many churches, have even larger needs, a printing ministry can be established in the country.


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