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In any project their needs to be periodic reviews to see how things are going. It is no different with any mission venture. It is actually more important with mission projects. Probably the biggest reason to review a mission project is to praise and thank God for what He has accomplished (John 9:24b "Give God the praise"). It is also important to make sure that what is being accomplished matches up with what God wants. This takes seasons of prayer as well. If each step has been seasoned in prayer, then God will make His path known. This is nothing more than proper stewardship. Though reasonable, a considerable amount of money, resources and time will go into any major mission project.

People involved in the various levels of the project need to be consulted for their input into any review. God may have shown them a better way to handle various parts of the project. Consequently their input it vital. Some areas that should be looked at in any mission project review are:

  • 1. Prayer Chain - Is the prayer chain continuing, or have people lost interest and dropped off? Keeping in touch with prayer partners is just as important as keeping in touch with financial supporters. Newsletters and emails are a great way to keep people informed and remind them of their prayer commitment, and the value of it.
  • 2. Proper Preparation - Has the preparation and planning been thorough and effective for the people group that is being reached.
  • 3. Provisions - Are the finances being properly stewarded, and are there enough to continue the project. Reviews also are needed to see if the most cost-effective means are being used to obtain the provisions needed.
  • 4. Preparation of Scriptures - This is one area that is really sacred. Scripture translation is a very serious matter. Much prayer, and constant review and checking are needed to insure that the Word of God in that language is pure.
  • 5. Printing of Scripture - This area is also vital. As with scripture translation, Satan would love to mess up the printing of scriptures. A constant prayer and physical vigil and review of this process is critical. Keeping workers motivated, and insuring proper quality control requires continual reviews.
  • 6. Planting the Seed - This area also needs continual reviews to see if that the most effective ways of reaching a particular people with the gospel, are being employed. What works for one group of people, may not work for others. To blindly continue one way, without seeing any results, will doom a project to failure. Fully understanding the culture of the people group that is trying to be reached will help insure that the planting of seed is effective.
  • 7. Prep School - An effective correspondence school is key link in any missionary outreach. Keeping track of studentsí progress, as well as making sure that the volunteer instructors and graders are following through is imperative.
  • 8. Producing Disciples - Are the graduates and advance students in the correspondence school being discipled? For growth in their lives, and the life of the churches being started, this process is essential. Jesus and Paul both lead the way in showing the importance of discipling new Christians. No church will ever grow without discipleship. Keeping your disciples prayed up and focused is therefore crucial to a successful discipleship program/
  • 9. Pastoral Training - Paul knew the importance of pastoral training, and constantly monitored the progress of those he was training, or had trained. We therefore need to do the same.
  • 10. Planting of Local Churches - Here again, Paul would constantly watch over and monitor the churches he was involved in starting. He would make sure that they were following proper doctrine; ensuring that they stayed in the word; and would exhort and admonish when and where needed. We need to do the same.
  • 11. Physical Church Support - "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works." (Hebrews 10:24 ). We need to encourage prayer and financial supporters of any mission project to go and visit those they are supporting. Everyone wins when this happens. Supporters gain a greater heart for missions, and many are called to the mission field after a vacation trip to a mission field.
  • It should be clear that constant reviewing, thanksgiving and praise are crucial to the success of any mission project. The sign of a successful project is that it is successfully reproduced in other areas.


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