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After prayer and financial support, the most important support a missionary and his family can receive, is physical support through visits to their mission field. One of the biggest reasons missionaries leave the mission field is loneliness. A visit by spirit-filled, helpful church supporters, to help a missionary with their work, is a gift that will bless all involved.

A family or individual vacation to help a missionary pass out tracts, answer correspondence courses, or produce scriptures, is a life changing experience. A family will be able to pray and help more intelligently after assisting a missionary on the field. They will also be able to share their experiences with others back at their home church, so that they also can have a greater understanding of that mission field.

It is really sad how we support so many missionaries financially, while they rarely get supported physically, with visits. One of the saddest examples was a missionary, who had spent 18 years on the mission field. He told me that he had over 25 supporting churches. I asked him how many had visited him in his 18 years on the mission field, he sheepishly told me none. I know of many that can say the same thing.

I believe that God will also judge us for spending his money on something or someone that we didnít steward. There are many missionaries that are receiving financial support, yet no one is stewarding what they are doing, and they are not doing any real mission work.

Those that canít go, can support missionaries physically by writing letters, or sending emails. They can also help support someone who is going to visit a missionary.


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